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Norges musikkhøgskole [690]
  • Klangen av historie. Verk og fortolkning hos Nikolaus Harnoncourt 

    Bernhardt, Emil (NMH-publikasjoner;2021:1, Doctoral thesis, 2021)
    Sammendrag Den østerrikske dirigenten Nikolaus Harnoncourt (1929–2016) og hans fortolkningspraksis i vid forstand utgjør sentrum i denne studien. Tilnærmingen er ikke primært biografisk, verkanalytisk eller historisk, ...
  • The significance of intercultural music activities: A study of Norwegian Palestinian cultural exchange 

    Boeskov, Kim (NMH-publikasjoner;2020:4, Chapter, 2020)
    This article discusses a community music project in the Palestinian refugee camp Rashidieh in southern Lebanon. The Lebanon Project, as it came to be called, was established by Norwegian music educators in collaboration ...
  • Past R&D activities on the Lebanon project 

    Brøske, Brit Ågot (NMH-publikasjoner;2020:4, Chapter, 2020)
    This anthology introduces and describes the Lebanon project1, a development project which has been running for more than a decade. Annual reports have been produced detailing the activities and actions that have been carried ...
  • Educating teachers - the X-art programme 

    Brøske, Brit Ågot (NMH-publikasjoner;2020:4, Chapter, 2020)
    One of the objectives of the Lebanon project1 is to develop arts provision for children and young people in Palestinian refugee camps in South Lebanon and to promote different forms of art and culture in Lebanese schools. ...
  • Creating a Ripple Effect. Higher music education institutions as agents for development 

    Hanken, Ingrid Maria (NMH-publikasjoner;2020:4, Chapter, 2020)
    Many higher education institutions in Norway have been and are still engaged in development projects. This is also the case for the Norwegian Academy of Music. We have participated in several projects through the years in ...

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