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dc.contributor.authorFossum, Hanne
dc.descriptionNorges musikkhøgskole. Masteroppgave. Musikkpedagogikkno_NO
dc.description.abstractThe term "aesthetic experience" and even the single word "aesthetic" are central terms in the international discussion debating music education. The debaters on each side of the discussion use the terms as if their meaning was absolutely clear. The thesis tries to show that this is not so, and that there is a certain ambiguity in the use of the terms. The contending parties lean on different geographical and philosophical traditions, respectively the Anglo-American and the Middle-European ones. This is problematic, since it leads to misunderstandings and even to contrary and conflicting statements about the aesthetic experience and the aesthetic. Starting with an analysis of the understanding of the term in the Nordic respectively in the Anglo-American traditions, the thesis explores the development of the terms' usage in Germany from the 1960ies up to today. Two actual German music pedagogical-philosophical positions that in different ways build on the aesthetic experience are put under a more detailed examination.no_NO
dc.relation.ispartofseriesNorges musikkhøgskole. Masteroppgave. Musikkpedagogikk;2010
dc.subjectestetisk erfaringno_NO
dc.subjectestetisk dannelseno_NO
dc.subjectestetisk rasjonalitetno_NO
dc.subjectmangespektret meningsuniversno_NO
dc.subjectfilosofisk metodeno_NO
dc.subjecttysk musikkpedagogisk tenkningno_NO
dc.subjectinscenering av estetiske erfaringsromno_NO
dc.subjectChristian Rolleno_NO
dc.subjectKarl Heinrich Ehrenforthno_NO
dc.subjectKlaus Mollenhauerno_NO
dc.subjectHerrmann-Josef Kaiserno_NO
dc.subjectHans Robert Jaußno_NO
dc.subjectUrsula Brandstätterno_NO
dc.subjectHans Ulrich Gumbrechtno_NO
dc.subjectPeder Christian Kjerschowno_NO
dc.subjectaesthetic experienceno_NO
dc.subjectmusic aestheticsno_NO
dc.subjectphilosophy of music educationno_NO
dc.subjectÄsthetische Erfahrungno_NO
dc.subjectÄsthetische Erziehungno_NO
dc.subjectÄsthetische Bildungno_NO
dc.subjectÄsthetische Rationalitätno_NO
dc.subjectnordische Musikpädagogikno_NO
dc.titlePå sporet etter den estetiske erfaring : om "det estetiske" i musikkpedagogikk og musikktenkning, med fokus på tenkning omkring den estetiske erfaring og "det estetiske" i Tyskland ved inngangen til et nytt årtusenno_NO
dc.title.alternativeOn the scent of the aesthetic experience. About "the aesthetic" and the aesthetic experience in music education and philosophy of music education, focusing German thought at the turn of the millenniumno_NO
dc.typeMaster thesisno_NO
dc.subject.nsiVDP::Humanities: 000::Musicology: 110::Music pedagogics: 114no_NO
dc.source.pagenumber131 s.no_NO

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